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Updated January 2024

OPA Letter-Writing Campaign
Advocate legislative change to allow earlier access to care for your loved ones with severe mental illness

Current mental health laws impede early access to psychiatric treatment, leading to worse health outcomes for incapable persons with severe mental illness who are denied rights to health.  The OPA calls for legislative change to better meet the needs of Ontarians with severe mental illness and the families supporting them.
The Ontario Psychiatric Association proposes 3 reforms to Ontario mental health law:

  1. Permit Treatment Pending Appeal under the Health Care Consent Act
  2. Remove past response to treatment from Form 3 Box B Involuntary Admission Criteria, under the Mental Health Act
  3. Extend a first involuntary admission to up to 30 days, under a Form 3

Read the OPA's detailed Mental Health Law Reform Proposals and engage on social media



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