OPA Psychotherapy Initiative 

In 2019, a government proposal was put forward to restrict the number of OHIP-covered psychotherapy sessions to 24 per year, regardless of the diagnosis or the treatment prescribed by doctors. 

Limiting the number of psychotherapy sessions/dose of treatment without basing it on patient need or evidence poses multiple risks of: under-treatment, worsening symptoms, disability, stigma, and ultimately, higher health care costs. 

Following powerful community advocacy, including that from professional organizations such as the OPA, an agreement ratified in 2022 achieved ongoing unrestricted OHIP-covered psychotherapy provided by physicians until at least March 31, 2024. 

Below are resources to help you understand our advocacy journey.


Canadian Resources

American Resources

Dr. Renata M. Villela, MD, FRCPC
Psychotherapy Initiative Lead
Ontario Psychiatric Association

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