OPA Committees

How to Get Involved 

We are always looking for more engagement at the OPA. There are many ways to become engaged with the organization:

1.    Membership - Members are the engine that keeps OPA running. Please make sure that you are a member of the OPA. There are various membership categories and we hope to recruit and retain our members. 
2.    Council - OPA Council has a new slate on an annual basis. We are always looking for more councillors as members rotate off of Council. OPA Council usually meets in person 3-4 times per year and has regular conference calls throughout the year. Members of Council also have the opportunity to join OPA Executive. OPA members interested in joining Council will be asked to submit a CV and a brief statement of interest.
3.    Sections - Currently OPA has several sections including Addictions, Psychotherapy as well as the Members-in-Training sections. If you have a particular interest that aligns with our sections let us know and we can put you in direct contact with the section lead. 
4.    Committees and Task Forces - from time to time, Council may strike an ad-hoc committee or task force on a particular issue. Sometimes the very topic of the task force or committee comes from an engaged OPA member who wishes to champion or lead on a particular issue. If you have any ideas for new committees or task forces, please contact us.

If anyone is interested in becoming more active in the organization, please contact the OPA office

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