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The Medical Clinic for Person Centred Psychotherapy


We are a well-established Medical Clinic with an excellent track record of clinical provision of general psychiatric services and psychotherapeutic services. Our doctors tell us this is a great place to practice medicine! We are now seeking additional Psychiatrists to join our several current Psychiatrists (and other physician psychotherapists). In addition to our clinical work we have a positive reputation in professional leadership in Continuing Professional Development and Education in Primary Care Psychiatry and Primary Care Mental Health. We have been providing patients with needed medical services for over twenty-five years. Our patients suffer from a wide range of emotional and mental health disorders, including: Depressive Disorders, Anxiety Disorders and Adjustment Disorders, etc. Our Patients are covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) for needed individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, educational counseling, and psychopharmacology treatments. We have physician testimonials about the positivity of working here. Contact me at: Please also see our clinic flyer at this link which outlines more details about our clinic. Contact us at: The Medical Clinic for Person-Centred Psychotherapy, 2040 Sheppard Ave E., Unit A201, North York, Ontario, M2J 5B3. Tel.: 416-229-2399, Ext 125.

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