2016 Fall Conference
2016-10-01 2016-10-01 2016 Fall Conference Ontario Psychiatric Association America/New_York

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2016 Fall Conference

Saturday, October 1, 2016
The Faculty Club
University of Toronto
41 Willcocks St., Toronto, Ontario

Guest Speaker – Dr. Louis Castonguay

Louis G. Castonguay, Ph.D., completed his doctorate in Clinical Psychology at S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook, a clinical internship at U.C. Berkeley, and a Post-doctorate at Stanford University. He is currently a Professor at the Department of Psychology at Penn State University. With more than 180 publications (including eight co-edited books), his scholarly work and research focus on different aspects of the process of change and training, especially within the context of psychotherapy integration of psychotherapy.

Optimizing psychotherapy by integrating treatment approaches and research findings in clinical practice

All therapists strive to provide optimal interventions to meet the particular needs of each of their clients. Most therapists also agree that neither one single therapeutic orientation (cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, humanistic, systemic) nor one source of knowledge (research, clinical experience, supervision) can be relied upon to successfully address this challenge. The integration of different theoretical approaches and the use of clinically helpful research findings offer ways to improve psychotherapy. Delivered by one of the leading experts in integrative psychotherapy and psychotherapy research, this workshop aims to enhance clinicians' strengths by recognizing the complexity of clients' characteristics, therapists' skills, and the process of therapy. Dr. Castonguay will draw from principles of change, psychopathology, psychotherapy integration, and therapist effects to inform practical guidelines. The workshop will also introduce "practice-oriented research" (POR), as a model for active collaboration between researchers and practitioners to produce clinically relevant and scientifically rigorous research.


8:30 am Registration and Breakfast
9:00 am Welcome and Introductions
9:15 am Session I: Therapeutic guidelines derived from principles of change and psychopathology + Q&A
10:30 am Refreshment Break
10:45 am Session II: Therapeutic guidelines derived from psychotherapy integration and therapist effect + Q&A
12:00 noon Luncheon
1:30 pm Session III: Practice-oriented research: What is it and why it matters + Q&A
2:30 pm Refreshment Break
2:45 pm Session IV: Practice-oriented research: Examples and implications + Q&A
3:45 pm Closing Remarks and Conclusion

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the conference, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe principles of change related to client characteristics, therapeutic relationship, and therapeutic techniques.
  2. Identify findings about psychopathology that can guide assessment and interventions use in psychotherapy.
  3. Describe how the integration of interventions associated with different forms of therapy might improve psychotherapy for particular types of clients.
  4. Define the kinds of characteristics and interventions that may make some therapists more effective than others.
  5. Describe types of partnerships that have been created between therapists and researchers to conduct clinically relevant and scientifically rigorous research.

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