OPA Committees

Advocacy Committee

Chair: Dr. Terry Mihowich

Mandate: To provide advice and recommendations to Council regarding advocacy for the mentally ill and their families, and advocacy in the best interests of the members of the association in their relationships with government and non-governmental organizations, the media and the public at large.

Continuing Education Committee

Chair: Dr. Mark Kaluzienski

Mandate: The Continuing Education Committee develops and implements a program of education to assist members to achieve an optimal level of professional development and practice, and to exchange scientific and other relevant information

Finance/Audit Committee

Chair: Dr. Jon Davine

Mandate: The Finance/Audit Committee oversees the treasury as well as the financial instruments, budgets, controls and financial statements, reports and records and the receipt of fees, bequests, gifts, donations and grants of money.

Member Services/Communications Committee

Chair: Dr. Renata Villela

Mandate: The Member Services Committee provides advice and recommendations to Council regarding the recruitment and retention of members, the rights, privileges and responsibilities of members and the qualifications, terms of admission, termination and suspension of members.

Mandate: To provide advice and recommendations to Council regarding internal and external communications.

Nominations Committee

Chair: Dr. Diana Kljenak


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